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About Four-Legged Kids Bus

Pet transportation and relocation by ground allows for a much higher caliber of service for shipping your dog or cat than can be provided in air cargo travel. Not only do we believe in a safe trip, we believe in a happy one. Moving your pets, short or long distance, can be a handful on your own. Book their trip on the Four-Legged Kids Bus and let us do the work! Your pet's stay on the bus will include a cozy bed, a custom-selected kennel, bottled water, temperature-controlled climate, scheduled walks, and optional photo and location updates. 


Our Drivers

We ensure your bus driver meets these qualifications:


  • Holds a commercial drivers license, with years of commercial driving experience

  • Certified by the American Red Cross for animal first aid/CPR

  • USDA Registered Class H Intermediate Handler

  • Fully licensed and insured for your pet's safety

  • An animal lover!

Our Team
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