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Long Distance Ground Transportation

Four-Legged Kids Bus offers ground transportation for your dog or cat within the continental United States. Transportation by ground is an alternative that for many is much more ideal than air travel. Your pet will have a quiet, smooth, climate-controlled trip on our bus. Each passenger will have their own private kennel so pets of all temperaments can have a safe and relaxed ride with a comfortable bed and the familiar feel of the road.

  • What types of pets do you transport?
    We currently transport all breeds of dogs and cats -- no breed discrimination! Puppies, seniors, and pets with special needs welcome.
  • What do I need to provide for my pet's trip?
    -A health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian, current within 30 days -Completed Special Instructions form -Food (appropriate amount for duration of trip) -Medication (if any) -Collar -Bedding (if desired)
  • What is a health certificate and how do I get one?
    A Form 7001 health certificate is issued by USDA-accredited veterinarians and should be made available at all local accredited vet offices. A health certificate states that your pet is free of infectious diseases, current on vaccinations including rabies, and is in good health and fit for travel. This form must be endorsed by a licensed veterinarian, so ensure your local office is qualified.
  • How and how often is my pet cared for?
    Dogs are walked every 3-4 hours for exercise/bathroom. All pets have bottled water available in their crates at all times. Feeding and other special instruction is administered according to a form you will submit to us before travel. Our bus is equipped to store medications if needed. All special requests are considered, so please contact us for more details.
  • Where do you offer travel?
    We are based in Southern California but offer ground transportation all over the continental United States. All distances are considered.
  • How can I check on my pet during travel?
    Contact information to our driver will be provided to you. Optional photo/location updates can be provided upon request.
  • Do you offer private trips?
    For shorter distance trips, or if you simply prefer an exclusive experience for your pet, all requests for private trips are considered and offered based on availabilty. Contact us to find out!
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